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Blog — January 2013

1/31/2013 at 9:46am


The article  "Prepaying for Princeton: A 529 Plan Will Cover Future Costs -If Your Kids Gets In"  in Wall Street Journal features Private College 529 Plan in Weekend Investor section on January 28, 2013. Rachel Louise Ensign wrote a fair, balanced and in-depth assessment of the Plan.

Read full article here. 


1/23/2013 at 7:42pm

Welcome to the Tomorrows Tuition Today blog. This site is hosted by Private College 529 Plan. We decided to launch this site as a destination for families who are interested in learning more about the variety of college savings options that exist including but not limited to our plan. We have another web site exclusively for Private College 529 but we launched this portal to provide additional resources and information – about our colleges, about how to plan and pay for college and how to decide if Private College 529 is the right choice to meet a family’s goals.

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