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Don't Waste a Second

If you are planning to open a Private College 529 account before tuition rates go up, you actually have a little more time than you might expect. You see, one second will be added to June 30 to synchronize atomic clocks with Earth’s rotation. It’s a phenomenon, known as “leap second,” which happens every few years.


It means that you can take advantage of the extra second to open prepaid tuition accounts for your children or grandchildren, before new tuition rates take effect July 1. Use the extra time to give loved ones the benefit of time to plan and save more for their college educations.


What else could you do with that leap second that hits at 7:59:59 Eastern time in the United States? Based on a list published for a previous leap second in 2012, you could:

  • Listen to yourself crunch a chip
  • Take a deep(ish) breath
  • Do one more sit-up
  • Go one second over the recommended cooking time in the microwave
  • Play rock-paper-scissors

The full list is here.


Nothing on that list will mean as much as helping your child or grandchild plan and save for college. Whatever you can save means less borrowing for your child. And while it will take more than one second to start a Private College 529 account, those few minutes pale in comparison to the years spent repaying loans. Time’s a wasting!