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Forbes Expert Boosts Private College 529 Plan

The huge drop in the stock market in late August is a reason for families saving for college to explore the Private College 529 Plan. So says a leading college savings advisor writing on the web site. Troy Onink, is CEO of college planning firm,


Troy writes, and I couldn't agree more:


“As this post went up the Dow Jones Industrial Average was set to drop over 400 points on September 1st. In recent weeks we have seen announcements of Dow Theory Sell Signals, so-called “death crosses” by stock indices and other dire but real warnings about the future direction of the stock market. Given this volatility in the stock market, risk averse investors may want to consider using the Private College 529 Plan almost like a fixed income or guaranteed allocation of their overall college savings.”


Read the entire article.


This advice is particularly timely for the start of “College Savings Month.” Most schools have just begun the fall terms and parents of elementary and high schoolers are thinking anew of how to save for college. We have some ideas.


Nancy Farmer is president of Private College 529 Plan.