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The Kolasa Family Shares Private College 529 Story

We are grateful for the lovely testimonial from account owner, Stan Kolasa, who shared his Private College 529 story. Thank you to the Kolasa family for your support and congratulations to their daughter's acceptance to member school, Washington University in St. Louis!

"I started this plan when I was a young 2LT serving in the US Army and my daughter was born in 1995. Money was tight for our young military family and I was only able to put aside 100 dollars a month. I was skeptical about this plan. This year 18 years later I was able to pre-pay for entire 4 years of my daughter elite Washington University with price tag of 45K per year utilizing combination of this plan and another educational IRA. It helped that my daughter had a great financial assistance package, but this plan was a great relief for us.  Everyone I dealt with  was very professional and helpful. I do have a much better corporate job now but would not have been able to afford 100K cash expense.  I highly recommend this plan for young families. One risk in the plan is that child might not decide to attend one of the schools. However, caliber of the schools is very high and there is plenty to choose from."


Stan Kolasa