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Now Is The Time

This is an exciting time at Private College 529. We’re launching our major drive to encourage more people to plan for college and open accounts to save through our plan.


Certainly we’re always encouraging that, but spring is highly important because on July 1, 2015, new (generally higher) tuition rates will go into effect at colleges across the country, including the 278 institutions that make up the Private College 529 Plan. That means anyone who opens a new account or deposits into an existing one on or before June 30 will purchase tuition at a lower rate than they’ll get starting July 1.


While we don’t have a large marketing budget, we have developed new messages to inform people online about Private College 529 Plan. From now through June 30, people searching for information about college savings options can connect to a 15-second video and/or a banner ad that leads to Private College 529 Plan. View them here.


They will also be taken to a condensed version of our homepage that contains a basic description of the plan, its ease of use, and how it helps families more easily afford high-quality education at our member institutions. 


Our recent survey of Private College 529 account owners demonstrated just how much they love this plan and what it does for their children and grandchildren. My hope is that we’ll soon have even more people to love the plan.