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Parents of First Year Students Can Prepay Fourth Year Tuition and Save


On many college campuses today, parents and their incoming first-year students arrive with suitcases and boxes of college essentials. Unpacking new bedding and decor for the dorm room and heading to the bookstore for books and the latest college apparel, this can be both an emotional and expensive experience for parents as their child begins college.  Private College 529 Plan's fourth year prepay option helps parents with the costs of tuition.

With Private College 529 Plan, parents of incoming first-year students can prepay all or a portion of senior year at today’s rate at one of the 270+ participating member schools.

Families of first-year students can save three years' worth of tuition increases by pre-paying all or a portion of the student’s fourth year.  And that increase in value is free of federal tax.  Add in the fact that 100% of contributions go toward tuition, and none toward fees, and you will see how locking in tomorrow’s tuition at today’s prices offers the potential for substantial savings on the cost of private college.

You may have the resources to pay for college tuition at a later date, but why spend more than you have to?  Plus, that extra savings can go towards parent's weekend or even better, graduation!