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Private College 529 Testimonial- Fosko Family

Eliminate the Worry of a Market Downturn

“With three children close in age, we were extremely concerned about saving money for college” Patty Fosko said. “With Private College 529 Plan, I could sleep at night!”

The Fosko family also used other investments but Patty said “The money we put in this plan for college was guaranteed, and college costs were covered no matter if inflation happened. I worried about the downside risk as much as the upside potential” [with other investments."

As University of Notre Dame Alumni, the Foskos were pleased that Notre Dame was a member school but they were also impressed with the list of other participating schools. “We hoped one of our kids would be accepted to Notre Dame”,” Patty said.  “We were lucky.  Our oldest graduated from Tulane University, our middle child is at Notre Dame, and our youngest is a sophomore at Saint Louis University.”

With three children attending private universities, Patty said that she had peace of mind with Private College 529. “Dollar for dollar, the Plan was the best return on our money.”