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Private College 529 Testimonial- Smart Family

Lock in Today's Tuition Rates 

“Private college was a goal to give our three daughters, and Private College 529 Plan made this possible,” Lex Smart said.

With three daughters, the family began saving early. “When we started saving, 529 plans did not exist. We initially saved with custodial accounts,” Lex said. “When I learned about Private College 529 plan, we were attracted by many aspects of the Plan. The ability to lock in tuition today and avoid tuition inflation as well as the ability to get the money back without a substantial loss if the girls chose a public school were the main draws.”

The Smart family wanted to give their children the opportunity of private higher education, and they were pleased with the variety of participating schools. “There are a number of good participating private schools in the Dallas area and in Texas,” he said. “We also liked the national nature of the program in case we moved before the children started college.”

With two daughters graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and one daughter presently attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas, the Smart family has been impressed with the member schools and merit-based aid for achieving students. They were also relieved that the plan gave their children the opportunity for private education during these uncertain economic times.

“In hindsight, eliminating the volatility of the stock market through Private College 529 Plan as the girls were entering college the past few years has been the best investment for their college education and future.”