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Private College 529 Testimonial- Hanrahan Family

A Plan that Pays

The Hanrahan Family

“Our experience with Private College 529 plan has been very positive. Our investment held up well in a decade when other things were flat, at best, or lost value," Bill Hanrahan said. 
The Hanrahans wanted to give all three daughters their top choice for college. Bill told them “you get into the best school you can, and we will give you that opportunity.” The Hanrahan family toured many private and public colleges and they were impressed by the schools in the plan. “There is a pretty strong roster across the board.  We visited many member schools, but we wanted the perfect fit for each daughter.” 
 “The greatest benefits provided by Private College 529 have been predictability and financial flexibility. Our middle daughter attends NYU, which does not participate in the plan and as a result, I am challenged to find the funding mechanisms to join the Parents Council or participate in the University’s various gifting options.”
As the youngest daughter begins her college search, Bill knows that the Plan’s flexibility is a great benefit.  “Private College 529 Plan provided current tuition rates guaranteed. Most investors would be hard pressed to find a safe vehicle to deposit their funds and get this kind of return over the course of multiple years," Bill said. "The Plan helped us achieve our goal of giving each daughter the opportunity of private higher education."