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Calculating Estimated Costs of College

What will Colleges Expect Families to Contribute to College Costs?

A helpful tool to calculate estimated costs of college

There is a growing awareness of the need for better information to help prospective students and their families, as well as taxpayers and policymakers, secure a more realistic and encouraging picture of college affordability. A federally mandated “Net Price Calculator” (NPC) attempts to help aspiring students understand the difference between a “sticker price” versus a “net price” for a particular college.

  • Each institution has a Net Price Calculator on the school’s website. By subtracting an institution’s typical scholarship/grant awarded from its costs of tuition, fees, room and board, the family is able to roughly estimate an institution’s net price.

Here are two other means of calculating the amount a family might be expected to pay for college (Expected Family Contribution):

Please remember that these are only estimates. The actual calculations may differ and/or the formula may change.

Another significant effort to help keep colleges reasonably affordable has been undertaken by more than 275 private institutions. Private College 529 Plan is the firm commitment of these schools to guarantee tuition at prices in effect at the time families purchase it. By prepaying, families may save thousands of dollars in tuition biills by the time the child attends college.

Private College 529 Plan is the best tuition solution! Costs, despite the pervasive economics, continue to escalate. The only way to beat this variety of grades inflation is to buy at today’s rate through PC529!

Greg Hill