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Private College 529 News

AdvisorOne online Covers Private College 529 Plan Teen College Savings Barometer (TCSB)

Teenagers Taking Responsibility for College Plannin -More teens getting involved with helping save for college by Danielle Andrus, AdvisorOne


New York Times profiles Private College 529 Plan

TPC Board Director Fred Rogers of Carleton College with family featured in the story



Published: March 25, 2013

MATTHEW ROGERS’S infant daughter was just weeks old when he learned that her grandfather already had plans for her.

His father, a college administrator, told him in January that he had started an account for the baby in the Private College 529 Plan, a relatively little-known program that lets participants prepay tuition at private colleges and universities, at today’s rates. “I’m saying, as a grandparent, that getting an education is a priority,” said Fred Rogers, the baby’s grandfather. Read full article here.



Member School University of Notre Dame Profiles the Plan

Notre Dame and Saint Mary's Observer

Private College 529 Plan offers prepaid tuition option

By Ann Marie Jakubowski

Published: Thursday, March 7, 2013

Many students take years to pay off their loans after earning degrees, but Notre Dame offers families a way to preemptively finance their children’s higher education by pre-paying future tuition bills through the Private College 529 Plan. Read full article here.


Member School Princeton Profiles Private College 529 Plan


Private College 529 plan allows prospective parents to pay current tuition rates

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

The price of tuition at the University will surpass $40,000 for the first time next year; 20 years from now, students enrolled at many private universities could face tuition charges upwards of $80,000. But the Private College 529 Plan is offering to cut that price in half for prospective Princeton parents, should they choose to invest in the program today. Continue to read full article.


Private College 529 Plan in the Wall Street Journal

Prepaying for Princeton: A 529 Plan Will Cover Future Costs—If Your Kid Gets In

By Rachel Louise Ensign

January 25, 2012

How about getting four years at Princeton for the price of two?

The proposition might sound too good to be true, but it is what the Private College 529 Plan promises. Arguably the oddest duck among college-savings plans, it allows parents and other savers to lock in today's tuition rates at about 270 private colleges and universities, including top-ranked schools such as Princeton University and Stanford University. Continue to read full article.