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Choosing the Right Private College

Why Private College Education is Attainable

Finding the best match for a student

Choosing which college to attend is one of the most critical decisions a student and family will make. Not only does it set the student on a career path, the choice of a college or university can influence relationships, preferences, priorities and values that extend far beyond the classroom and that can last a lifetime. There are many considerations involved in reaching this life decision.

Here are some questions that the savvy consumer should be asking about the college or university of interest:

  • What is the average class size or student:faculty ratio?

  • What percentage of faculty are adjunct versus tenured professors?

  • What percentage of first year students graduate in four years? five years? six years?

  • How many of these first year students seeking employment gain full time employment within one year of graduation?

  • What percentages of graduates, applying to graduate/professional schools, are admitted?

  • What is the average debt for graduates who borrowed, and what is the institution's student loan default rate?

  • What is the satisfaction level of alumni?

  • What resources are available outside the classroom to support and enhance learning?

  • What experiences are available outside the classroom such as internships and study abroad to enhance career opportunities after graduation?

Here are some additional resources in making private college education attainable:


I feel the Private College 529 Plan was a Godsend. If you are an individual that plans ahead and had the financial means, it can remove a great deal of stress from your financial plate when the time arrives for your child/children to enter college. I have and will continue to recommend this plan to everyone who will be having a child or grandchild pursuing a college education!