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In Their Own Words

Selected Member School Profiles

Below are profiles submitted by some of our member schools. Each profile is unique and highlights the diversity of member schools who participate in Private College 529 Plan.

To view a complete list of 275+ participating schools here.


Baylor University


University of Notre Dame

Emory University


Stetson University

Hollins University


St. Olaf College

University of Redlands


Clark University

Concordia University, Nebraska


Hendrix College

Lubbock Christian University


Whitworth University

University of Dallas


Keystone College

Wake Forest University


Harvey Mudd

Graceland University


Wheaton College

Saint Joseph's College


Rider University

Centenary College, New Jersey

  Syracuse University

The College of Idaho

  Clarke University

University of Rochester

  Kalamazoo College

Gustavus Adolphus College

  Seattle Pacific University

Bridgewater College

  Agnes Scott College

Capital University

  Beloit College

Susquehanna University

  Butler University


Changing the way Americans can plan and save for private college education

Participating in Private College 529 Plan is an innovative response to the challenges many families face today:  stagnant – or even uncertain - household income, rising tuition relative to income, declining home equity, reduced access to credit and concern about increasing debt. 

The Plan offers colleges and universities the opportunity to accomplish something collectively that they would be unable to do individually: change the way American families plan and pay for private college education.  It encourages families who prefer a private college experience and who may have some ability to plan and save, to pre-pay and save for a great education – not just a degree.