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Private College 529 Testimonial- The De Trude Family

Making the Dream of College a Reality

For the De Trude family, private higher education was a priority and a goal for their children.  “My wife and I were products of private undergraduate higher education,” said Keith De Trude.  “We value smaller size schools, classes taught by professors and opportunities to get involved in campus activities.”

Keith began investing in his children’s education early.  He read an article about Private College 529 Plan, formerly Independent 529 Plan, while researching college savings solutions. “The guaranteed rate of return is the most beneficial aspect,” he said.  “I have accounts for both my children and we have been able to give them an opportunity to experience private undergraduate education as my wife and I did.”

The De Trude cildren children have redeemed Private College 529 Plan prepaid tuition at Univeristy of Dayton and Belmont University.