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Private College 529 Testimonial- Wong Family

Peace of Mind

“Saving for our three children’s college education through Private College 529 prepaid tuition plan has been one of the best things we have done for our family,” Allen Wong said.
The Wong family began contributing to Private College 529 Plan in 2005 and first redeemed prepaid tuition certificates in 2008. “Our first redemption was for our oldest son at Webster University in Missouri.  Later, our daughter redeemed tuition certificates at Texas Christian University.”
With two children concurrently in private college, the Wong family believed the Plan was a solid, guaranteed college savings solution. “With the stock market and the economy the way it has been,  it would have been questionable whether we would have been able to afford these college tuitions if we had invested in other 529 savings plans or the stock market rather than Private College 529 Plan.”
As their youngest son, a junior in high school, begins his college search, the Wong family has peace of mind.  “This has been one of the best investment decisions that we have made.”