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Private College 529 Testimonial- Berenson Family

Opportunity and Value

The Berenson Family

Faith and Steve Berenson saw great value with private higher education. “If our children had the academic ability to get into a private school and the school matched their needs and interests, we wanted to do our best to give them that opportunity” Steve Berenson said.
The Berensons started saving early. “I originally invested in mutual funds when the kids were young. As they got closer to college, I wanted to take less risk with my money. Private College 529 allowed us to lock in tuition rates and eliminate risk,” Steve said.  The Berensons also liked the variety and number of member schools within the plan. “In terms of size, geography and academic competitiveness, I did not feel that my children were limited with the Plan.”
Faith and Steve’s two children currently attend Kalamazoo College in Michigan and Rhodes College in Tennessee. “My children applied exclusively to state schools and to the member schools of Private College 529 Plan. Kalamazoo College and Rhodes College also helped our kids with merit scholarships.”
With Private College 529 Plan prepaid tuition and institutional aid, Faith and Steve have given both children the opportunity to attend their college of choice.